Welcome to the home of Men's Dartball in Toledo Ohio.....

Thank you to all the teams that took the time to send in stats....

Thanks to those who didn't, for  the extra money in the league fund...

  2018-19  Dartball season.....

All teams ...remember to check your bar and board set-up to ensure everything is ready for the first match.....

Lighting....(adequate lighting on board, batters box & throwing lane)

Game board in good condition...

Dartboard height ( 52 1/2 in. to center of "H" )....

Board distance ( 25 ft. from batters box to center of board )....

2 ft. clearance from batter or "throwing lane"  for any seating or standing space...

Score sheets are 3 copy this year  ( 1 -home team, 1 -visitors, 1 -League) (must be saved by home team & turned into league at later point)

Also just an FYI.... the darts we use cost approx $3 ea or $35/dozen....(remember that when your mad because YOU are throwing bad & want to take it out on the darts)


Murph at  (419) 290-2187....

All teams should keep up to date accurate "Team Stats"....these will be turned in to the league following wk8,  wk 14  wk 20, & end of season.... failure to do so will result in a $10 fine per occasion....


 Season will start Sept 10th...


2018-19 schedule is posted ...click here to view....


2018-19 Team & Bar info sheet ...Click here to view....

I will contact  Team Captains when darts  are in

and score sheets are ready

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is ?

                                  The opportunity to play.”  –  Mike Singletary


Just a reminder of Play-off set-up

American League---Winner of each division (East & West)

and the next 4 best records

National League--- Winner of each division (East & West)

and the next 4 best records

Total of 12 teams (6 from each league)

Division winners will have a first round BYE


Remember.....This League only works if you do....Team Captains are

responsible for making sure all required league papers on turned in on

time...& for ensuring your team, darts, board & home-bar are ready

for scheduled matches... Without co-operation & participation it is

impossible to maintain a legitimate league.....

WEEK 15 League Stat Leaders....  

Wk_15_Stat_leader_Ave_Both_17-18.jpg Wk_15_Stat_leader_Ave_Both_17-18.jpg
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Team Roster Page has been updated and can be viewed here


or go to  "Team info"  page....


New Schedule is complete and can be downloaded or

viewed here.... 2017-18 Schedule


     League Rules have been updated and can be downloaded here....

2017-18 League Rules




Please make sure your team's Capt / co-capt or

representative is at all meetings

2017-18 Season Starts Monday Sept 11, 7:30 pm







Start time --- 7:30 pm  this year....

All teams are required to keep stats for for the players on your team

 ... a running total of the stats will need to be turned in to the league,  AFTER week 8 of the season.....also Week 15 , Week 22 and  end of season..

Simply snap a clear picture of them and send in....

Stats should include- hits/ AB -Averge--    number of 2B's , 3B's ,

HR's  & RBI....

Teams not turning in stats will be fined $10 per occurrence...



2017-18- Champs....
2017-18 Runner-up....
2016-17 Champs - Goody's 1/3
2016-17 Runner-up - Daffy's 1
2015-16 Champs - Goody's 1/3
2015-16 Runner-up - Latino's 2
2014-15 Champs - Circle 8
2014-15 Runner-up - Ward 2
2013-14 Champs -  Circle 8
2013-14 Runner-up - Daffy's

To view any team's roster click on the link below.....any changes will also be posted

Click here for Team Rosters

League Standings Page....

Contact us  ...Click Here for contact info

Find us on Facebook as...... "14th Ward Dartball League"